Why Choose Us


Bitsource Solution Private Limited believes in providing high quality OEM equivalent parts at lower cost At Bitsource Solutions Private Limited experienced team design, develop & procured duly adopting cutting edge technology of CAD/CAM software keeping in view international quality assurance standards.


We at Bitsource Solutions Private Limited are fully committed with quality management adhering to requirement of ISO 9001: 2015 standards and continuously improve the effectiveness of our quality management system. The parts are manufactured and procured adopting international quality assurance standards & 100% quality checks.


While any company can promise a quick turn around, not every company delivers it. Bitsource Solutions Private Limited prides ourself on providing timely delivery of the finished railway spare parts, using a proven process that allows for a quick turn-around from quote to delivery.


We at Bitsource Solutions Private Limited manufacture and procure railway spare parts adopting international quality standards duly adhering to the requirement of ISO 9001: 2015 standards with 100% quality checks for high standard quality parts. The parts are covered with 12 months warranty assurance against faulty material or workmanship.